04 February 2013

See this face?

This is Helping Face. This is the face I see just before a little white paw darts out--lightning fast--and grabs my thread. Which is not, in fact, helpful. Not even a little. Beware of Helping Face.

Here's the bird she was helping me with, October Nuthatch from Button Up Birdies 6 by Victoria Sampler.  This is the twelfth bird I've stitched and I have two left to complete the series. I would say about 25% of this one is stitched in cat hair because, you know, I was being helped.

Not sure I'm happy with those leaves (shush, Panda!). I may cut them off and sew on a different kind. Anyway, it's a finish. For now.


  1. I like the leaves! Cute finish! And oh, I know all about those 'specialty' fibers, LOL

  2. The leaves are a departure from your other birds... that'd be the only reason I'd replace 'em. They are cute! I *love* Helping Face! She is so pretty.

  3. The little helping face is adorable.You know she is after that bird,right?

  4. What a sweet little bird stitch. Love the helper's face. LOL