03 August 2013

Bird Nerd

It's been forever since I've had a bird finish to show, but I'm determined to get all of them stitched before more new ones come out! This one is #13 for me--five more to go.

Now, I have to explain this one a bit. If you've seen the leaflet (Victoria Sampler, Button Up Birdies 8) you'll know that this little guy doesn't look much like the stitched model. The orioles I've seen here on the East Coast are black and orange with a black hood, so I did some research and discovered the model is a Bullock's Oriole, common to the Western United States. I wanted to stitch the kind we have here, so I gave him a make-over and turned him into a Baltimore Oriole.

I'm also happy to report that Tiger Lily has bounced back from her vet visit and resumed her duties as Stitchy Supervisor.

The Ear Drops Adventure is going pretty well so far, but she has a very sharp learning curve so I'm not hopeful that will last. Fortunately, we only have to do it 26 more times.


  1. Beautiful Bird! and Tiger Lily is so pretty! I'm sure she takes her job serious as Stitching instructor!! lol

  2. Well done on changing the colors of the birdie!

    And yes, kitty looks professional ;-)

  3. Hang in there with the ear drops!
    Love that you made the bird "local"! ;)

  4. Another beautiful birdie! Love your choice in orangy thread. So glad TL is back to work!! Good luck with the rest of the treatments!!

  5. I love the bird piece. You say, "Only 26 more times"! Oh my goodness! I hope it gets easier as the days go by. She's a beautiful fur baby.

  6. What a beautiful kitty!
    I also change chart colors to suit my tastes. Figure there are hundreds stitched the same way. Nice to be different!