03 January 2014

Winter Blues

"Blues" as in the color, not the mood. I love winter, love snow (in inches--not in feet), love being "stuck" at home. I don't love blue, which seems to be the go-to color for 90% of winter designs, so I'm always converting my winter designs to pale green, which I do love. But! I am   working on a winter design with lots of pretty blues--Brooke Nolan's Wendy Winter.

Why are most winter designs blue? Because this:

Look at all that blue! This is the view from my sewing room window today. It's frigid out there. Here's Tiger Lily watching the birds have their breakfast this morning.

Sweet little bird prints.

Back to Wendy... and my blanket!


  1. Oh I love Brooke's work. Lots and lots of snow up here. And frigid too.

  2. I've always loved how the colors of shadows change with the time of day & season. Blue is not my favorite color but I do love it. I also love green even if we do have a roller coaster relationship. Still loving your snow pics... as long as the power stays on!!! LOVE the bird prints! How they make such perfect marks in the snow is amazing.