03 February 2014

Birdies, Babies, and Baby Birdies

Remember all those Woodland Babies (Victoria Sampler) I stitched up last year? Well, there are two new leaflets, Woodland Birdies and Farmyard Babies. Here's my first finish from Woodland Birdies, the owl.

I seem to be addicted to Cathy Jean's birds and little critters. I've got three birds left to stitch in her Button Up Birdies series, two more Woodland Birdies, and three Farmyard Babies. The question is, can I get them stitched before she releases any more new ones? Every time I am almost caught up, new designs appear, and I remain... not caught up. But this is a good thing. Always something to look forward to, always something to busy the hands and quiet the mind.

Back to birds...


  1. Very nice. My guess would be no, she will pop some more out and you will keep on stitching and stitching them. =)

  2. Cute finish. At least you will always have something to work on:)

  3. I love it! You have really good taste. You like the stuff I like. :)

  4. So pretty! I love all the ones in this series!