17 March 2014

SnowPatrick's Day

We have 7-8" of new snow on the ground. Spring starts on Thursday.  Allegedly.

So I haven't picked up a needle in almost two weeks, which is why my little blog has been so quiet. I'm really far behind with this month's stitching goals but I do have one little finish to show off. Here's the Button Up Birdies Cardinal. I have two birds left in this series and I'll be caught up. Two. T-w-o. Two. 

And now that I have the end of this series in sight, what am I about to begin? Guess.

Yup. Another series. Have you seen Brooke Nolan's Advent Animals series? So, so cute... and even better... free! And fits in perfectly with my Christmas year. It began this month and runs until October 2015. One--sometimes two--critters a month, for a total of 25 little Christmas animals. Twenty-five. I think it's safe to say that if I fall behind with these I might never catch up! Stay tuned to follow my progress, and chime in if you'll be stitching them, too.


  1. Beautiful header. Sweet cardinal. Yes, I am in love with the idea of all these sweet animals from Brooke. I will be stitching them. Don't know how I want to display them yet though.

    1. Thanks, y'all. Vickie, the header is Brooke Nolan's In Your Easter Bonnet from the Mar/Apr 2010 issue of Just Cross Stitch. I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress on Brooke's animals!

  2. paws are crossed you keep up with them all and Spring is here well at least at the mouse house ...lol hope you thaw out soon :) love mouse xxxxx