24 April 2015

Woodland Sampler: April Block

Catching up on the stitching I've neglected. Here's a wee bunny enjoying an April shower. He's supposed to be a jack-a-lope (with antlers), but I left off the antlers. I also changed his colors to DMC 840 and 842 to lighten him up a bit and make his eyes more visible. 

I've got to pack a lot of stitching into the next 6 days if I'm to stay on schedule with some of my on-going projects. So far, so good on this one. But it's only April...


  1. So cute, love the changes, they work so well :)

  2. So cute! Those clouds and raindrops are excellent!

  3. Such a cute design! Those blocks look smallish but I can see there's a lot of work in each one.