06 May 2015

New Ort Thingy

I've never had an ort jar or ort bag or anything used just for orts (wow... autocorrect really does not like the word "ort"). I usually just pile them on the table next to me, or on the base of my Ott light, and then toss them when I'm finished stitching for the day. When I spruced up my sewing room a couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to find the perfect ort jar.

Mr. Wonderful is something of a pottery connoisseur and buys local pottery every chance he gets. I have a few pieces as well, but he has quite a beautiful collection of pottery from all the places we've been. This past weekend we were at a local festival and I found this sweet little pot and thought, "There's my ort thingy!" It's actually hard to find pale pink pottery. I've only ever seen two pieces, and I bought them both. 

It's somewhat irregular... sort of lumpy, with the rim higher on one side than on the other, but that gives it a character I love. I also love the wide mouth, which makes emptying it easy.   I readily admit that I'm easily pleased by really simple things, and this little pot is one of them. I'm so happy with it, and wanted to show it off. 

Happy Stitching!


  1. Your new ort container is very pretty. I love its simplicity and the color (and I'm really not a pink person). Enjoy it! Do they have a shop (like Etsy)?

    Robin in Virginia

    1. Robin, here's their website:


    2. Thank you for the address! Off to browse!

  2. ooOoo! Now that is my kind of pot. My kind of colors.

  3. I think we have a winner for prettiest ort jar:)

  4. That IS pretty! And thanks for the link!