23 November 2015

Sunday Mystery Sampler Update: Seventh Day

My color choices (apart from the border, all threads are Caron Wildflowers):
border: DMC 938
words: Blackwatch
snowflakes: Dawn
mom & dad: Snow White, Dark Shadows, Spice
crown: Spice
cygnets: Dark Suede, Dark Shadows
water: Evergreen

I've decided to take an operational pause on this sampler. After seeing the block for the eighth day, I want to see what the next one (or two) looks like before I go on. I'm strongly leaning toward some major tinkering with the eighth block, but before I do, I need to see the direction in which the rest of the sampler is going. I've been thrilled with the design so far, and I will definitely finish it, but it may look quite different (as if it doesn't already!). We'll see.

So that frees me up to do some ornament stitching this week. Yay! 


  1. Your 7th block looks great, Honeybee. I am really enjoying your tinkering with the colors. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Very pretty! Love the colors. I'm doing ornaments myself and about to crank one out this evening. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. It looks so wonderful! Have fun with ornaments now. I am!

  4. I LOVE your color choices. It's looking so good! :D Cathryn

  5. Beautiful colors! Can't wait to see your ornaments.

  6. Wow, I love your color choices! I wasn't very interested in this SAL until I saw your finishes. I read 123 MB, so want to thank you for Ewephoria that you posted a link to some time ago. I did not participate in the SAL. but stitched it later. You are so talented!

  7. In love with your color choices, looks so beautiful ♥

  8. Love your colors they are perfect choices
    what is the fabric.

    1. Thank you, Bonnie. The fabric is nothing fancy, just 28 count natural linen. Not sure of the manufacturer.

  9. Just recently started following your Blog since this SAL began and I love what you are doing with yours!! The thread colors you have picked are giving this piece a whole different look!! Great collections of colors. Can't wait to see more of your progress.

  10. Thanks for letting me know the fabric