23 January 2016

Saturday Sampler: Snowzilla Edition

The Washington Post named our storm "Snowzilla" and this pretty much says it all:

We woke up to about a foot of snow. Tiger Lily's window was blocked by a snow drift. 

I was throwing birdseed out every few hours. We may have been having a blizzard, but the birds at our house were feasting! See all the little footprints?

Whiteout conditions... can't see the houses behind us.

Tiger Lily spent the entire day at her window on her heating pad, watching the birds and the snow. She was so busy she missed her nap. She finally hit the wall about 5 this evening and went to one of her upstairs baskets and went to sleep. Blizzards are so exciting.

Here's our street Friday night.

And Saturday night. I think we've got a couple of feet, and it's still snowing. It has been snowing continuously since 1.30 pm on Friday.

Finally, a sneak peek of my "blizzard project." Hmmm... who could this be?


  1. Love the dinosaur graphic! And the snow pics... can't imagine that much snow! Hope TL has a restful night ready for tomorrow!

  2. Fabulous snow pictures, Honeybee! It has stopped here and I think we have between 20 and 24 inches. I am thankful the wind has died down. Nice start; like the snowflakes in the background. Stay warm!

  3. Stay warm!

    That is one pampered cat! First you provide entertainment by attracting the birds and it has it's own heating pad. :-)

  4. A heating pad?!? Am I EVER glad my cats can't read because I would NEVER hear the end of it! :)

  5. How exciting for you all! Did you build a snowman?

  6. Great snow pictures! I think we got about 28 inches. Tiger Lily has the right idea.

  7. Impressive snow fall... nothing else to do but stitch, I guess :)

  8. I love the evening photo of the snowfall.
    There is a nice freebie fox pattern to be found on here by missT: http://misst.canalblog.com/archives/2014/09/07/30532751.html


  9. Hi HB! I was thinking about you during the big snowstorm. Glad you were safe and warm. It's going to be 5° here on Sat. Not looking forward to that.