02 June 2016

Q-Snap Storage & A Travel Light Review

I love, love, love Q-Snaps. I have them in every size--more than one set in each size--plus extenders, and with them I can make frames of any size, from 6" to 20" and everything in between. But this is not a great way to store them:

Sadly, my Q-Snap collection has been living in a box for quite a while, and digging through it to find the right size combinations hasn't been fun. I kept thinking there had to be a better way to store these things, and finally hit upon it a couple of days ago. An over-the-door shoe organizer... TA-DA!

My larger sets are stored elsewhere; oddly, the larger ones are easier to store. I use the smaller sets more often anyway, and this will make constructing the right size frame for my projects so much quicker and easier. Bonus: room to store other stuff that's been taking up valuable space elsewhere. Happy!

The other thing I wanted to share was my discovery of this awesome travel light for stitching. I've had it for a while but wanted to give it a test run on a trip before I showed it here and recommended it. For some time, I had been looking for a good light to take on trips. I wanted it to be small and light weight, with the option to use either battery power or a plug. This is the Naturalight Smart Lamp R10 rechargeable LED light, which I got on Amazon. In addition to the internal rechargeable battery, it also has a plug-in power supply and a USB cable, and a 3 step dimmer. I used it for several long days of stitching while I was in Texas and found it had a good battery life; I just plugged it in to recharge at the end of the day when I finished stitching. As you can see, it's so small it will fit into a project bag.

The two complaints I saw most often in the Amazon reviews were that it is so light it's easily knocked over, and that the power button is very sensitive and is too easily turned on by mistake. Meh. Some folks will complain about anything. This is a great stitching light for travel. 


  1. What a great idea for storing your q-snaps, Honeybee! I think I spy some candles in the bottom of holder. And I spy your travel light. Thanks for the review on your travel light! Off to check it out!

    1. Those are actually a couple of kits for needle felted foxes. One of these days I might get them made!

  2. Love that light! Did the power chord come with it or did you have to purchase it separately?

  3. You could practically open a q-snap shop with that many pieces! Great storage idea for them.

    The light looks interesting. I'm not particularly happy with the lamp I use for that purpose. I'll make a note of this one next time I plan on replacing mine.

  4. That is truly brilliant! So clever and so generous to share it

  5. I have yet to use Q-snaps. I like your storage solution. That light is great. I have to look into it.