15 November 2016

Stash Update

Imagine my surprise when these gorgeous goodies showed up in my mailbox yesterday! Kari in Wisconsin sent these beautiful needle minders and scissor fob from Designs by Lisa. Her little package was a bright spot in a very trying day. Thank you, Kari!

I picked up a couple of new charts and some threads at my LNS last week.

And I relieved 123Stitch of some of their Fabric Flair fabric. I don't even try to make excuses for myself anymore where fabric is concerned. I love it. It's beautiful. It's useful. And I do use it (slowly). This is all 28 ct. Fabric Flair: 
Twilight/Silver evenweave (hopefully you can see the little flecks of silver; very subtle)
Sunshine linen
Berkshire Hive evenweave
Bridesmaid evenweave

I'm at the point where my fabric hoard is starting to outgrow its storage space. It still mostly fits in two smallish boxes, but since I don't appear to have any intention of not buying any more, I probably need to expand its allotted space a bit. Maybe that will be one of my winter projects. Pretty much nothing better than playing in your stash on a snowy day.


  1. I keep my fabric in those long mailing tubes. I have a foot locker full of them. Cut a small square and glue it to the tube. The tubes come in smaller sizes or larger map sizes. They also are free from our local post office.

    Loriinmo (123)

  2. Lovely fabrics you received! Is the bluish piece the Twilight/silver one? Your new needle minders and scissor fob are adorable. Nice new charts/threads; I picked up the Oodles of Autumn one a few weeks back.

    1. Robin, the grey fabric at the top is the Twilight/silver, and the blue at the bottom is Bridesmaid.

    2. Thanks so much for the response! I really like the Bridesmaid.

  3. Beautiful patterns and lovely fabrics. I also loved your Fox ornament. Inspiring, all of it.

  4. Love your stash! The scissor fob and needle minders are so cute.

  5. Love the new charts. Imagine one of foxes? :):) The threads & fabrics are beautiful & Ialso love the fox ornament.

  6. The needleminders and fob are so pretty.
    Great stash!
    All of the fabrics are so pretty, especially the Hive fabric.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!