18 January 2017

Bluebonnet Joy... and a surprise!

Until this past weekend, I hadn't picked up a needle since New Year's Eve. As I mentioned in this post, I'm currently working on my annual household purge, with my sewing room as this week's focus. My craft closet has become a death trap, but yesterday I managed to excavate to the surface of the temporary table I set up in there to accommodate my Christmas creativity.

I also managed to achieve my first finish of the year! This is Bluebonnet Joy by Redbird Designs, stitched on 28 ct. Valor by Picture This Plus. I flipped the red swirly bits and the white letters for white swirly bits and red letters (GAST Buckeye Scarlet), and added a few beads. I used GAST Grape Leaves for the lighter shade of green in the leaves, as it was friendlier to the Valor.

In other news, this adorable set of four charts arrived from the UK. I have a terrible weakness for Highland Cows and could offer no resistance to these. They're from Goldleaf Needlework.

And one more thing... surprise! I bet y'all figured I'd completely abandoned this project. Nope. If you need to catch up on what this one is all about, just click the WIP picture on the right sidebar and you will be taken to all of my posts about this project. I was flying through it until I reached "the people days" and decided to go my own way, which meant designing my own blocks, which meant more time than I had right at that moment. So I put it aside. I had hoped to have it finished by this past Christmas, but no. Over the weekend, I picked it back up again, and have been fiddling with it off an on. I only have the tenth and twelfth days left, so it shouldn't be too much longer. Unless I decide to rearrange day nine...

So that's a little of what's been going on around here. Today, I tackle my craft closet. If I don't return in a reasonable amount of time, send the dogs to dig me out, and make sure they're carrying cookies.


  1. So good to see your post, Honeybee! I love your Bluebonnet Joy finish and it looks fabulous on the Valor fabric plus I like your flips in color changes. I am not surprised to see the letters stitched in Buckeye Scarlet. The Highland cows chart is darling. Good to see the reappearance of the 12 Days. Will pie do instead of cookies?

  2. I didn't even have to read the post to know that the word 'joy' was stitched in Buckeye Scarlet - our favorite red! Beautiful work. My crafts room/studio is a complete mess and sadly, there is nothing to be done for it until our breezeway renovation (a library) is done. The books have taken over. I'm afraid they are planning an attack and making plans to shove us into a card catalog cabinet!

  3. Great changes to Bluebonnet Joy, very pretty! I need a purge on my bedroom/craft room badly. It's supposed to snow over the weekend so that may be the best time to do it. Your PSS is coming along nicely!

  4. Although it is necessary at times, I really don't like organizing my craft room. I love Joy and those adorable cows. How often do you hear the word adorable associated with cows. I am looking forward to when you work on them.

  5. Joy is so pretty, and the Cows will be a nice project.
    They are pretty cute. :)

  6. Beautiful stitching, as always.

    My little grandbaby has a stuffed highland cow toy. (Her daddy is from Scotland.)

  7. Honeybee, would you be willing to share your color conversion for the 12 Days of Christmas you're stitching?

    1. Rita, if you click on the picture of the WIP in the right side bar, you'll see all the posts about this project with all the information about my color choices.

  8. Bluebonnet Joy is so pretty. The Highland Cows are so adorable!