20 March 2013

First Day of Spring!

It's officially spring! A time of new beginnings. A time when our thoughts naturally turn to... Halloween? Look what arrived in my mailbox this morning!

Isn't that fantastic? It's Le Charabosse by Nimue, come all the way from France to live at my house. I love the detail in this design, even that creepy little frog. But of course what struck me most about it is the calico cat. Do you ever remember seeing a Halloween design with a cat of any color other than black? Me neither. As you know, we're kinda partial to calicos around here.
The other little bit of stash that came to my house today is a small package containing the new Weeks Dye Works colors. This one, Sea Glass, really caught my eye. The photo really doesn't do it justice, and it's actually more green than it looks here. A beautiful, bright color. Very warm weather-y. Not very it's supposed to snow tonight-y. Which it is. {sigh}
Happy Spring!


  1. What a great piece of mail to receive in the mail:)

  2. Isn't is great when you open your mailbox and see a surprise package? What a sweet piece you got. I love the cat! The thread also looks so very pretty. I love the hand dyed threads.

  3. I still love that chart! I may have to get it. Sea Glass looks purdy! :)