16 March 2013

SAL Update: Mainsail Madness!

The mainsail is done! For those who have just joined us, my stitchy cousin and I are doing a stitch-along of Skeleton Crew by The Cricket Collection. Because pirate ships. [Her blog, Panda Ponders, is linked over on my blog list.] My "progress" has been sad, so I decided to go nuts and finish that stupid mainsail if it killed me. I think I'll be making little white x's in my sleep, but it's done. It's nice to have a big, fat chunk of stitching right smack in the middle of the design done, isn't it? Satisfying. Gives you false hope you can finish the whole thing. Before you're eighty. Anyway, here's The Supervisor checking to make sure my super cool octopus needle minder is secure. 

And the mainsail, in all its tattered, ghost ship-y glory.
I have this delusion that I can finish the rest of the main mast by the end of this month. That's what a little progress will do to ya.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Ack! You beat me by one day! Haha :)
    I'm posting my update tomorrow and I'm close but not yet done with the main sail. The rest of the mast should go pretty fast... or at least take less time than the sail that goes on forever!

    1. Good grief! You must have been sitting on your puter... I *just* posted this! Kinda weird that after all this time we're pretty much at exactly the same place. Know what I was thinking about while I was finishing this bit? The NEXT SAL!

    2. Great minds! I was checking my messages and things and decided to check here for a new post. The NEXT SAL??? Email me!!!

  2. You go...dream on about the white x's, lol

  3. way to go and cute supervisor too ...lol love mouse xxxx