23 April 2013

Hey! Remember us?

Remember way back in January when I was whipping out those little Victoria Sampler Woodland Babies? Fox, squirrel, bear? Well, I finally got back to those and just finished the baby racoon. Isn't he cute?

In keeping with the others I've stitched, I used brown buttons instead of red for a more woodsy--less Christmasy--look. There are three more in this series. They're such a quick stitch, I have no excuse whatsoever for why I haven't gotten all of them stitched yet.  


  1. So cute!! I've been tempted by these in the JCS Ornament Issue (I think there was at least one published there), but haven't stitched one yet. Using brown buttons instead of the red is a great idea.

    1. Hi Erin! The squirrel was published in the JCS 2011 Ornament issue and reprinted in a leaflet with a fox and a bear. My finishes are shown here (I stitched the squirrel in grey, though). There was a fawn published in the JCS 2012 Ornament issue. The other leaflet has a racoon, a chipmunk and a bunny.

  2. Adorable!!! And you're right... not like you have a single thing to do all day! :oP