30 April 2013

More dancing sheep, please.

Because we all need more dancing sheep in our lives. This kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?

This is a Mosey 'n Me freebie available here. It's stitched over one on 28 ct. mushroom evenweave with Weeks Dye Works Azaleas, Dutch Iris, Fiesta, and Moss. The sheep is DMC 310 and Wisper W88. The braid it's trimmed with has been in my finishing stash for years and years and years, just waiting for the perfect project. I think this was it.

Hope you have the kind of day that sees you leaping joyfully over the meadows, trailing brightly colored ribbons in your wake. If you can't swing that, milk and cookies around 3 o'clock is an acceptable substitute.


  1. Too adorable!! Love your finish! Perfect. =)

  2. LOVE the fuzzy sheep! And the trim is colorfully perfect for the piece. :o)

  3. Love this one - it looks like such fun!