30 May 2013

I'm Back (sort of)

Well, I had a couple more posts in me this month, but we've got a super annoying computer problem at the moment and I'm having to create this post on Mr. Wonderful's laptop, which is also super annoying. So, I'm super annoyed. But I have a cute finish.

This is a little freebie that I can't provide the link for at the moment, but when I get my computer back I'll add it. If you want to hunt for it, it's at Balades et Broderies par Carmela. This one is stitched in Gentle Art Baby Spinach, Bittersweet, and Sable and Weeks Periwinkle.

 Off to set the laptop on fire.


  1. Cute finish! Sorry about the computer problems...

  2. Computer problems are just so dreadful. Hope it gets worked out quick.
    Cute stitch!

  3. I love how your birdie turned out darker on top! Pretty colors and always *love* the ribbon finish! :o)

  4. oooo I have stitched this one too but in brighter colours but love yours :) just catching up ..lol love mouse xxxxx

    who is also having computer problems and having to use DH's too

  5. You have a real talent for taking a basic little freebie and turning it into something really special :-)!