03 May 2013

Tutorial: How to supervise an evening of stitching

1) Check that all supplies are present and correct. Coat with fur. Taste floss.

2) Settle comfortably. Stare until attention is directed back at you. 

3) When bored, nod off adorably to hint that it's bedtime.

4) If the hint isn't taken and stitching continues, be more obvious.

5)  If stitching persists, fake exhaustion. This should cause the stitching lamp to be turned off and everybody can go to bed.


  1. Love the tutorial...I think my KC has already seen that somewhere, LOL

  2. Love the tutorial - I have four furries who want to read it. Though they already seem to think that I cannot stitch without their aid.

  3. hahaha! Yes, such a difficult life Tiger Lily. ;)

  4. Its just like this at my house! Only mine will continue to persist and eventually start yelling at me until I put it away for bed. It doesn't help that we get a bedtime snack before going up so the time is closely monitored!!!! Laura

  5. Y'all, it's so funny to me that everyone's kitties seem to take such an interest in stitching! Thanks for adding to the story! :O)

  6. So cute!! I LOVE cats. :) TFS. Cathryn from 123. Thanks for drawing our attention here. :)