09 June 2014

Slow, Stitchy Saturday

I got to stitch all day on Saturday. I've been furiously stitching on Brooke Nolan's Peg the Plum Pudding Angel, but I was waiting on the mailman to bring some stash, which included the Kreinik I needed for her eyes. I have this weird quirk: when I'm stitching something with a face, the blank spaces where the eyes should be bug me, and I'm not happy until I get them stitched. So all week I've been waiting on this stash, and Peg has been eyeless, and I've not been happy. I was really hoping my order would come Saturday... and it did!

First, here's some delicious Caron Wildflowers. I believe I've already confessed that I love this stuff and I'm slowly building my stash. From top to bottom: Painted Desert, Orchid, Easter Egg. 

Of course, this had to come live at my house. Country Cottage Needleworks Snowy Foxes. Too cute.

And here's Peg in progress, with her pretty green eyes.

Finally, and as always, all this stitching was conducted under the watchful eye of the Stitchy Supervisor. 

Happy Stitching!