17 September 2014

Ichabod Crane Inn

Another long-time WIP finished! This is Ichabod Crane Inn by The Primitive Hare. It's stitched on Weeks 30 ct. Beige with Crescent Colors Black Coffee, Cocoa Bean, and Barn Door, and GAST Gingersnap. This design is in the book, "Le point de croix au fil des saisons"  which is a collaboration between three designers: The Primitive Hare, Atelier de la Comtesse, and Madame Chantilly. As far as I know, it's not available as a separate design. I got my book from Amazon France.

For some reason, no matter what light I put this fabric in to photograph it, it looks washed out. It looks grayish, but it's actually a much warmer brown, a little darker than parchment. 

Last week in Michael's I stumbled across a black, crackle-finish frame that would be perfect for this... on clearance for $10. I love it when that happens.

Next up is Mr. Wonderful's Halloween ornament. 

Happy Stitching!

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