28 October 2014

I'm back!

Hey y'all, I'm still alive! Yay, me! I've been dealing with a flare-up of a health issue for the last couple of months and hadn't touched any needlework in weeks. Happily, I think I may be getting better, s-l-o-w-l-y, and I did get started on the latest Advent Animal on Saturday. I had finished stitching Mr. Wonderful's Halloween ornament last month, but never got it posted. So it's stitched, but it's not going to be finished in time for Halloween. Oh well. At least it's stitched. Here he is:

I'm off to try to get Advent Animal #8 finished before #9 is posted, which should be some time this week. Still waiting for a fox!


  1. HA! I and I am still waiting for a poodle. ;)
    I am sorry you have been unhealthy. Take care.

  2. Welcome back!!! Glad you are doing better. Your Halloween piece is cute! Hope you continue to improve. Looking forward to seeing the finish of #8. :) Cathryn

  3. What a cute jack 'o lantern! I like the border surrounding him; very cool! Happy to hear you are feeling better!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. I am so glad you are back. You are a bright spot in my life. I see your name and always smile.(I used to run from bees)

  5. Welcome back. I hope you continue to feel better and better.

    1. Thanks, girls--I've missed y'all! :O)