24 November 2014

I'm back! ...Again!

My triumphant return didn't go quite as I had hoped it would, so I'm taking another run at it! I hadn't been to my LNS in over two months, so I went on Saturday in hopes it would help re-start my stitching mo (as in, motivation). I'm ready to move on to a little Christmas stitching. I didn't buy much, but I did get the sweet new design from Little House Needleworks. 

Also picked up some threads for my Christmas ornament. Pretty colors.

I missed this for Halloween, but they had some very cool wooden needle minders left. 

And here's a little sneak peek of the Advent Animal I'm almost finished with. They normally take me 2-3 days, just working a few hours at a time in the evenings. This is the September animal. That gives you an idea of how little I've been stitching. I haven't even started October yet, and November is due out tomorrow. sigh

Finally, here she is. It's been too long since we've had a Tiger Lily beauty shot. She's still beautiful. Still stealing my seat. Still supervising the stitching, when any gets done.

I am determined, determined, to finish that pig today and get a start on #9. 



  1. Good morning, Honeybee!
    Glad to see you're still alive & kickin'. I love what you've picked out. You do such beautiful work! Tiger Lily is looking good, but behaving "badly." LOL She steals your seat to keep it warm for you...

    1. Morning, Mardell... good to "see" you! You've got it backwards... she steals my seat AFTER I've warmed it up for HER! :O)

  2. Hello, there! Sorry you've (temporarily, I'm sure) lost your stitching mojo. Hopefully it returns soon. (This time of the year there are so many other things taking our time and making us tired.)

  3. Insert *cheeky* grin here!