30 November 2014

Kenny Kangaroo

Lots of changes to this guy! As charted, he's in the sun and sand with his sunscreen and his drink, but I wanted him to look a little more like the other animals in the set so I changed the sun sparkles to snowflakes and the sand to snow. I also substituted a candy cane for the sunscreen in the stocking, and substituted a gift for the drink. I changed the color of his sunglasses so they would stand out a bit more, and I also changed the blue on the stocking to red. Here he is!


  1. Hi Honeybee!
    Oh, he's cute! Love the changes you made. Looks more festive! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Can't believe today is Dec. 1st.

    Here's a hug!

    1. Me neither! This year... ugh! Will be glad to start over in a few weeks!

      Hugging you back! :O)

  2. Awesome! Once again you and I think so very much alike with this set. I prefer your changes. :)

  3. As an Aussie, I love him. Where can we see the original design?

  4. I am so excited to see the changes you have made! I too was planning to put a candy cane in the stocking in lieu of the suntan lotion. Love the other modifications you made. lovely stitching!

    Kristina in FL