08 January 2015

Because I have no willpower...

...and because I'm excited!, I'm sharing a little sneak peek of my progress on a SAL in which I'm participating. It began on New Year's Day, and the project is whatever design you've been really, really wanting to stitch but just haven't got around to yet. The updates are supposed to be shared on the 15th of each month, but I can't wait until next week. I'm too excited to finally be stitching this, and I'm too happy about how it's turning out, especially since I've made my usual numerous changes.

Over on the right, you'll see a picture of Just Nan's Snowfire Christmas, which I'm stitching as a wedding sampler for our Christmas wedding 14 years ago. Better late than never, right? In a way, I'm actually glad it's taken me this long to stitch this, because if I had stitched it all those years ago, I probably would have stitched it exactly like the picture. The model is beautiful, which is why I chose it, but at this point in my stitching life, I'm much happier with customizing things. For this project, I've made the following changes:

*fabric is 28 ct. Valor, from Picture This Plus
*DMC #12 Perle Cotton 712 changed to blanc
*DMC 712 changed to blanc
*DMC 3731 changed to 777
*pale rose gold beads changed to silver
*cream pearl beads changed to pearl
*champagne beads changed to ice

When I chose the green fabric instead of the antique white used for the model, I also swapped the ivory/cream colors for white/pearl and swapped the gold for silver. I wanted a snowy/icy look, and I wanted the snowflake motifs to stand out more on the green fabric. Also... breaking news... I'm obsessed with green fabric. (Long-time readers nod sagely.)

So here's what I've got so far!

I am happy, happy, HAPPY with this so far. And I couldn't wait until next week to share. Hope your beginning-of-the-year stitching is going just as well!

Happy Stitching!


  1. So pretty! Good for you. I must say that I am plugging away on Theotokos, but it seems to be taking forever. And then I am giving it away as a gift!!

  2. WOW! It's beautiful--isn't it wonderful when you change things and they are even better

  3. It's BEAUTIFUL! No wonder you couldn't wait to share. :D Cathryn

  4. It is beautiful. The green fabric is lovely. I look forward to watching your progress. I hope my desire to XS comes back soon.

    1. It will... you've got your hands full right now with a sick little furbaby!

  5. It's so pretty. I can see why you are excited. I look forward to seeing more of it.

  6. I have this one in my stash too. Wonderful idea to make it an anniversary sampler! Love the changes you've made so far and can't wait to see your progress. Laura

  7. Thanks, y'all! Appreciate your kind words, and sharing in my excitement!

  8. It's gorgeous! Love your changes!

  9. Wow! It is already stunning. While the original is pretty, yours is going to be stunning. I really like the fabric you are using.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia