01 February 2015

A Winter Freebie Finish

I just finished the final seasonal freebie in the series from The Stitcherhood. I stitched this one on 28 ct. raw opalescent linen with DMC blanc and 3021, and Caron Wildflowers in Evergreen, and added a little sheep button. Also, since I wanted this to be more of a winter design than a Christmas-y one, I replaced the gifts with more trees.

Hope to get the finishing on this one done soon. If you'd like to see my finishes of the other seasons, just click on the freebie label... they're in there somewhere!


  1. Sweet! All of our trees are white up here currently. ;)

  2. Such a cute finish, I love the changes that you made. That Evergreen thread is gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful... l love winter. I like your version best.