25 February 2015

Fox Finds

I just recently received a couple of things from The French Needle, a really nice online shop I've ordered from a few times. The first is a beautiful kit for making a tiny felt fox in a natty little suit.

And the second is these adorable fox-n-chickens counting pins.

I don't do really large projects, so I have no need to grid my fabric, but I do occasionally need to keep track of long rows of stitches and I love to use counting pins for this. As I wander around the blogosphere, I don't see them in use much, and I'm not sure why. They're so convenient and quick to use... and they're super cute! The French Needle has some lovely sets. And we all need more toys.


  1. Love the fox The counting needles could sure be useful.

  2. I use counting pins often.
    Sweet, sweet finds.

  3. Such lovely purchases! I don't grid, even my big projects. I prefer the pins too.

  4. What super purchases! I really like your pins. Off to check them out!

    Robin in Virginia