01 September 2015

Goodbye, Summer

Did you know there is a difference between astronomical seasons and meteorological seasons? If you look at your calendar you will see that 23 September is the first day of fall. But that's the autumnal equinox, the beginning of the astronomical season of autumn. According to meteorological seasons, 1 September is the first day of fall. Here's a short explanation of the difference. 

Since fall is my favorite season, I'm happy for it to arrive three weeks earlier, so I observe the meteorological seasons. I'm also a weather nerd. So goodbye, summer! 

Here's an old La D Da freebie I whipped out last night.


  1. Love your fall finish, Honeybee! Thank you for the link to the explanation for the seasons. Hmmm...I wonder why this isn't taught in school.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Works for me! Yeah, goodbye summer! The freebie looks great, season appropriate colors:)

  3. Bye summer! There are a lot of craft bloggers welcoming autumn, do you think we are all yearning for dark evenings under the craft lamp beavering away on our latest projects?! Cute finish.

  4. My husband and I were just talking about this last night, that even though it has been very hot this week here in Pennsylvania, the heat feels different. Hard to explain but it's not like a July heat...it even smells different, probably because of the change over to fall. It's hot but it's not and no, I don't make any sense whatsoever! :)

    I love the saying on your sweet little piece. Like you, fall is my favorite season with October being my most favorite month.

  5. So true! I never thought about it before. I love autumn, too, so I'm happy for it to start now :-) Wonderful finish!

  6. I love the coloured thread you used for this piece.
    Great wording also.