28 September 2015

Look what the mail lady brought!

My order from the annual Picture This Plus fabric sale arrived! Yippee! Just in case you're not familiar with this sale, every 25 July PTP has a Christmas in July sale and ALL of their fabric is 25% off! Wow! I order every year because... well... because fabric. And yes, it has taken all this time for me to get my order, but that's because this is a huge sale and a small business with just a few employees. They are very upfront that filling the sale orders can take quite some time, so if you're in a hurry for a particular piece of fabric, best order it at another time. To me, the savings are worth the wait. Every year as the sale approaches, I carefully go through my stash and pull out a few designs I'd like to stitch on these fabrics over the next year (dreaming!). So let's check out my stuff!

Here are this year's choices, all 28 ct. Cashel linen, from top to bottom: Rosewood, Pampas, Valor, Haunted, Legacy.

The Rosewood is for this beautiful kitty freebie. I haven't decided on the color of thread to use. I do know it will be DMC and not something hand-dyed, as I want the fabric to shine on this one, and I don't want the thread to compete with it. I think the mottling of the fabric will look so cool peeking through those unstitched swirls.

The Pampas is for Trick or Treat by Lena Lawson Needlearts. At first I thought I would stitch it on a neutral similar to the model, but I thought it might be fun to stitch it on green so the orange-y tones would really pop. I was trying to match the green in the scarecrow's trousers, and although you can't tell from this picture, the Pampas is perfect!

This Garden Sampler is available as a very inexpensive download from Herrschner's. I thought it was so pretty... this photograph really doesn't capture the beautiful colors. The model is stitched on PTP Valor, one of my favorite greens, so that's what I chose for it.

Here's a classic: Judith Kirby's Victorian House #9, the Halloween house. I've chosen Haunted for this one, and I'm thinking about doing a color conversion on the house. Now that I have the fabric, I'll have to do some floss tossing to decide what, if any, changes I make.

And finally, Legacy for Fox Forest by The Workbasket. 

Last week, in my wanderings around the interwebs, I stumbled across this darling little Santa Fox needle minder at Down Sunshine Lane. I ordered him instantly. Isn't he too much?

It's been a good mail week around here. If you missed the PTP sale, don't despair. Get out your little pocket planner and mark it down for 25 July 2016 so you don't forget!

Happy Stitching!


  1. LOVE the fabric choices & chart matches! So pretty... going to be hard to pick one to start! ♡

  2. Your fabrics look great and it was indeed a good mail day for you. Your fox needle minder is a cutie.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Such lovely fabrics. That is a precious needleminder.

  4. Beautiful fabrics! And that needleminder is adoarable!