27 October 2015

Meet Penelope the Pumpkin Girl!

Thanks for the enthusiastic support for the Saturday Sampler!  Remember those cute shoes? They're Penelope's! Behold... in all her un-cut-out glory!

This is Brooke Nolan's Penelope the Pumpkin Witch, but sort of "de-witched." She is supposed to be holding a broom in her right hand, with the crow perched upon it, but I left off the broom (and had to fix her dress on that side, as a result) and cut out Mr. Crow so he could perch on her arm instead. Normally when I stitch one of Brooke's witches, I change the hat, but this one looked like an upside down pumpkin blossom to me, so I left it. When I do the finishing on her, it will have a big fluffy bow on it.

I changed her green eyes to brown, changed her eyebrows, and changed the color of her mouth. If you've been following my (slow!) progress on the Advent Animal series, you'll notice that I'm always changing eye color to brown, or to a darker shade of whatever color is called for. I do this because I think the darker eye color gives the face a little more depth of expression, if that makes any sense. To me, the light eye color gives the face a slightly blank look. 

Penelope has a couple of sisters... a Spooky Stitcher (who I need to name!) and Belinda the Bat Girl, who needs finishing. I wonder if I can get the finishing done on these girls in time to show off a family portrait for Halloween. Hmmm...


  1. Congratulations on getting Penelope finished although uncut! Look forward to seeing the final Penelope with her bow! When you stitch on perforated paper, do you use 2 or 3 strands of floss?

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Thanks, Robin! I use 3 strands of floss when I stitch on perforated paper. I like a nice full look to the stitches.

  3. She is a beauty! But hey now! I have green eyes. When I stitch myself I don't see a blank look. ;)

  4. she's so cute! love your changes!

  5. Wow, I love the skirt! Beautiful work!