22 December 2015

Mr. Wonderful's Tree

Here's Mr. Wonderful's pond hockey tree, a collection of hockey players and other wildlife.

Top to bottom: Mario Lemieux (white jersey, no head... sorry Mario!), Alex Ovechkin (red jersey, right), Patrick Kane (red jersey, left), and Wayne Gretzky (white jersey, bottom).

Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr (black jersey, on the right), Alex Ovechkin.

Bobby Orr, and Ryan Miller (goalie).

And who else would be atop the pond hockey tree but The Great One (Wayne Gretzky, for all the no-hockey humans)? That silver thing is the Stanley Cup, and you can also see Gordie Howe peeking through the branches down there on the right.

We are both huge hockey fans. I actually converted Mr. Wonderful to the most awesome sport in the world, not the other way around. I kept telling him he needed to see an NHL game in person to really appreciate it. In 2010, we went to his first game and he was instantly hooked. It gets pretty wild around here when Washington is playing... Tiger Lily stays upstairs!


  1. Thanks for sharing the close ups of the Pond Hockey tree! Very cool! I like all the critters interspersed within the branches.

  2. We do not have a NHL team here, just American Hockey League. My husband and I used to attend many games while dating and early in the marriage. :) NEATO tree!