11 May 2016

The Mind of a Stitcher

First, a finish for my fox Christmas tree. When we got home from Texas last weekend, I was too tired to tackle that last band of snowflakes on Snowfire Christmas, but I didn't want to just sit and stare into space, so I picked up this little guy. I converted this Heritage Crafts kit from a spring design into a winter one by stitching snow instead of grass and adding a snowflake. He's stitched on 28 ct. Dwarf from Picture This Plus.

Now, we have to talk about my brain. Since we got back, it's either been racing like an espresso-drinking squirrel or it hasn't been working at all. Mr. Wonderful suggests that I am over-tired, as we like to say at our house. That's an old-fashioned way of saying, "Stop." So what is my idea of stopping? Attacking my finishing basket, of course! 

I've spent the last couple of days going through my finishing supplies and seeing if I needed anything, and shopping for what I needed, and doing errands, and cooking, and doing laundry. Clearing the decks. You know, "stopping." Now that I have everything done (!), I plan to spend the rest of the week (and next week?) finishing and framing. This is a project I've been needing and wanting to do for a loooong time and I'm looking forward to it. Stay tuned for progress updates!

Oh, I'm also hosting a new SAL over on the 123Stitch message board. It starts Monday, 16 May and I'm calling it the ILTWHISI SAL: I Love This Why Haven't I Stitched It? It's to encourage us (me!) to stitch those projects we just love but never seem to get around to stitching because... who knows? So I've been trying to get ready for that, too. Here's how that's been going:

My brain, pondering options for first SAL project:

Fox Forest... I had the fabric... but then I saw something else I might like better, so I ordered it... it's not here yet...

Judith Kirby's Halloween House... I had the fabric... but when I was looking for another fabric for Fox Forest, I saw something else I might like better for Halloween House, so I ordered it... it's not here yet... but if I don't like it better than what I have, I could start... but I need to do a color conversion on the house first...

Le Charabosse by Nimue... I have the fabric and threads... but... no... (of course)

Fox Family... if I don't use the fabric I originally picked out for Fox Forest, I might use it for Fox Family... but I'd have to do a floss toss... but I don't have any of the Dinky Dyes it calls for...

Garden Sampler... I have the fabric, but not the floss... need to order the Valdani for it... maybe if I order it today it will get here before the weekend...

If the fabric order arrives this week, I'll start Fox Forest... but if it doesn't, I'll start Garden Sampler... if the Valdani arrives...

If the fabric order arrives this week, I need a few more colors of Weeks to start Fox Forest... may as well go to my LNS for those... just in case the fabric gets here...

I wonder if my LNS has Dinky Dyes...

I need to think of something for supper...

That's Squirrel Brain. I guess it's better than Not Working Brain, but not by much. Hopefully a few days of playing in my sewing room will do the trick and make me tranquil.

Updates on the finishing/framing project forthcoming... I hope!


  1. Congratulations on your latest fox ornament finish! It looks good on the dwarf fabric and with the added snow and snowflake button. I enjoyed reading "your stitcher's mind". I look forward to seeing which project you choose first for your SAL. By the way, great title for a SAL.

  2. Aww, the Fox is so cute. Yes, I do get Stitcher's Mind and do have to step away from all my WIPs and what not before I go bonkers! Have fun with your SAL.

  3. Your fox is so sweet. I could not handle thinking at that pace presently with my headaches. ;)

  4. You fox cub is so sweet! It looks just like my Shiba Lulu. I may have to get this one just to say I stitched her!

  5. He is a cutie. Your new SAL sounds fun:)

  6. Your SAL thinking made me laugh! I'm going to choose my next new start in line with your SAL theme.
    Love that cute fox!

  7. Love your wintery version of the Fox, the snowflake is such a cute touch; he seems to be looking up at it. It will be a wonderful Christmas ornament! Good luck with your finishing spree, you've got lots of choices in your basket :)

  8. Really sweet baby fox.