23 September 2016


BREAKING NEWS: There are still really, really nice people in the world.

With all the negative things happening around us, sometimes it's hard to remember that fact, but it's pretty essential for our mental health that we endeavor to do so. Yesterday's mail was my reminder for this week.

First, a surprise from fellow stitcher Kari in Wisconsin. She had very sweetly offered to send me a magazine she had that had a gorgeous fox design in it she would never stitch. It arrived yesterday. Beautiful, right? Just look at the happy little face on the baby in the background!

She also snuck this precious needle minder into the magazine! He has a sparkly tummy, y'all. I'm crazy about it. Thank you, Kari!

Second, fellow stitcher Lois in New York offered for sale an out-of-print Prairie Schooler design I've been looking for for some time. Of course, just as we were about to conduct our transaction, I got a fraud alert on the card I use for online purchases, and the card had to be cancelled. Lois very patiently waited a few days for me to get the issue resolved, and was very understanding in our email exchanges. Thank you, Lois, for being a bright spot in a frustrating week!

And finally, a WIP update. I have been really off my stitching game for quite a while so I haven't made nearly as much progress on the two projects I have going right now as I should have. Haunted House should have been done a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't touched my Christmas ornament in weeks--probably due to the fact that I'm facing over-one stitching, which I don't care for. So, here's half a tree.

The tree and the border are all that's left. One would think I could just sit down and whip them out, but no...

Anyway, don't forget: there are still really nice people in the world. Hang on to that and have a great weekend!


  1. Nice gift from Kari . I look forward to seeing you stitch those foxes they will be stunning when done. Your Halloween piece is really cute. Great job so far.

  2. When I saw Breaking News! on my blog roll, I thought she's gone and done it, she's throwing in her hat for the Presidency! But no, it's just as big that our fellow stitchers are really good people. It's a nice reminder. Nice gifts. The fox pattern is going to stitch up nicely!

  3. Aww, the foxes are so cute. I love your Halloween WIP. I don't like over one either. Hopefully, you don't have a lot to do.

  4. What super gestures to you from Kari and Lois! That fox chart looks so real and what a fun needle minder to be gifted. Sorry you had to deal with a fraud alert; they are such nuisances. Your WIP is looking good, Honeybee. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  5. I always find the nicest people just when I seem to need them. Those foxes are adorable. I hope you can get back to that pretty Halloween scene.

  6. I agree that there are still nice people in the world. In fact, I think there are more nice people than not-so-nice people...it's just that the not-so-nice ones cause so much havoc that they get the most attention. I try to look for positive things/people every day to help keep up my sanity.