25 September 2016

It's the Bride of Frankenstein, y'all.

Made a few more needle minders. This one just kills me. It's a teeny weeny Bride of Frankenstein. 

So adorable, right? And because I'm never not in need of a reminder to be joyful, here's a little cutie for my Keeping Christmas Project ornament stitching. Sparkly, of course.

And here's a winter one. She cracks me up. I can just imagine her mother saying, "Why didn't you think of that before I got you all bundled up?"

All of these are made from buttons from those small decorative button packs. I found them at various craft stores, but this is a good online source for a very wide selection. All the buttons I've shown in this post are available from this source. I have ordered from them and had good service. 


  1. They're all cute but my favorite, especially at this time of year, is Bride of Frankenstein.

  2. Wow you are so busy, love the needleminders. By the Way are you aware of all the cute fox stuff over at Crackerbarrel.com.

  3. What adorable needleminders, Honeybee! The bundled up girl made me giggle because I could hear my Gram saying "why didn't you go first?". Have a wonderful week.

  4. I love those needle minders. I don't really like Halloween but that Bride of Frankenstein is great.

  5. Love the Bride!
    Where did you ever find her?