14 March 2017


I was recently pointed in the direction of a new-to-me company called Fiberlicious and I decided to order a small piece of fabric and a few threads to give them a "test drive."

Oh. my.

Needless to say, I will be ordering from them again. Absolutely beautiful colors and only a two-week wait for my dyed-to-order threads and fabric. 

In other news...

December: no snow

January: no snow

February: no snow


Snow and ice. Yay, spring!


  1. What fabulous fibers and fabric you received, Honeybee! The fibers are very lush looking. I am chuckling over your snow picture. We had some, but the sleet/freezing rain mix cut our snow accumulation here. What a non event! Stay warm!

  2. What lovely colours and great names too. Someone has a good imagination!

  3. What gorgeous fibers, and the Phoenix fabric is fantastic.
    Would look great with something Halloween stitched on it.

  4. Missing person: Mother Nature, said to be around for many years. Believed to be off her meds. Armed and dangerous. Wow those fibers make me DROOL! :) Cathryn

  5. Delicious! Well the snow is pretty right? We got over 13 inches. It will be a while til it melts.