30 May 2017

Further Adventures in Tiny Baking

Over the long holiday weekend, I did a little more tiny baking. If you're new to this concept, see this post or just click on the "food" label. Both of these recipes are from the sadly out-of-print magazine "Baking for Two" that America's Test Kitchen issued last year. Full-sized versions of both these recipes are available to members on their website.

Lemon Buttermilk Cake in a 5" x 7" baking dish (fork is to show scale... also useful for eating)

Cream Cheese Pound Cake in a 3" x 5" loaf pan

Aren't they adorable? Look at that tiny slice of pound cake! 


  1. Honeybee, that pound cake looks absolutely delicious! You sure are becoming a master of small size baking. It's a wonderful idea. RJ

  2. That looks scrumptious! I must look out for the tiny baking accessories, would be great for our household, now.

  3. Love anything with lemon, I'd be tempted to eat that entire little loaf! Mary

  4. What time is tea, Honeybee? Both look positively fabulous. You had me at lemon and at pound cake. By the way, I thought of you yesterday as I was driving down the road. There were 2 foxes playing alongside the roadway.

  5. This tiny baking thing is calling to me. Taste of Home also had a magazine called "Cooking For Two" and there were a lot of dessert recipes in there I couldn't try, simply because I lacked the proper bakeware. I saved all my issues - it was a great magazine and I'm sad they stopped publishing it.