21 May 2019

Remaking a Home

I am aaalmost there, y'all. The house is pretty well put together, so I was able to start on my sewing room yesterday, and hope to finish it today. It's quite a bit smaller than my previous sewing room, so I've encountered some challenges, but I also have some ideas! 

We got our shipment on 18 April and I set a goal for myself to have the house finished by the end of May. I think I'm actually going to make it. There may be a few odds and ends left, but all the major stuff will be done. 

I have a big summer planned, in which I do...


I have been in moving mode--planning, prepping, moving, unpacking--since December and I am done. Done, done, done. I want to spend the next three months playing in my sewing room, stitching, finishing, framing, and just generally enjoying not having moving hanging over my head.  If nothing comes up and I actually get to do all that, I'll have lots of stuff to share here on the ol' blog, so stick around. 

It's going to be a nice, quiet, slooow summer.


  1. I just love all your pottery. I have a few pieces that I've rounded up myself at various thrift and antique stores. You always inspire me! Right this minute I'm thinking that I should go directly out to my kitchen and clean and reset everything in its place. I'm going to pray for that nice quiet summer for you. It sounds fantastic.

  2. Yay!!! Wishing you a relaxing summer enjoying doing "nothing." (Quotes because you're going to be busy as a bee, but it will be all fuuunnnnn.)

    Love the pottery.

  3. Good to see your update, Honeybee! Was thinking about you the other day when I saw sprinkles and all kinds of colored sugar at Yoder's. I enjoyed seeing the pictures you shared. I am glad you have planned on nothing except stitching, crafting and puttering in your sewing room. Thinking of you!

    1. Ah, sprinkles from Yoder's. You know the way to my heart!

  4. Welcome to your new home... may it be blessed with peace and joy throughout. love
    your pottery...just found a yellow ware mold I have been searching for for years.
    It does become addictive, right? Great Summer plans, Honeybee.....

  5. Good the hear from you again.
    Glad you are organized so that you can play all Summer!
    I'm sure you will have fun in your new sewing/craft room.
    Hope Tiger Lily had adjusted to her new environment too.
    She's soooooo pretty!

  6. Your home looks great! I am glad to hear you have time to relax now. :) I cannot wait to see what you have to share with us in your sewing room Sara!

  7. I'm happy to hear you're all settling in to your new home! That's a great feeling to have almost everything organized and unpacked and put away. It sounds like fun to work on your sewing room and your pottery collection is beautiful. I love your plans for a long slow craft-filled summer!

  8. Your unpacking is going so well. When we moved last summer my craft room was the last to be unpacked and set up. I wanted to paint it so that delayed the unpacking a bit.

  9. Glad you are settled in and ready to enjoy your craft room!! Have missed reading your blog and seeing all your creativity. Tiger Lily looks very content. Janet PS: Thank you DH once again for serving our country!!!