04 May 2019

Saturday Sampler: I'M BACK! Edition


This move.


This is a happy place so I'll skip the details, but it was... challenging. Happily, and thankfully, we're fine, Tiger Lily is fine, and the stuff I've unpacked so far is fine, but... wow. Definitely our toughest move yet.

But look at this tree in our front yard! I don't know what it is but it smells lovely.

Tiger Lily is doing well. She did great in her fort in the hotel rooms, and was a little trooper in the car. Our longest day was 11 hours of driving and she never made a peep. She's slowly settling in to the new house, mostly keeping to the bedroom during the day and exploring the rest of the house at night. 

Housewarming flowers from some of the Texas fam.

I checked out my new LNS and was thrilled to find a very nice fabric and thread selection. I picked up the latest in With Thy Needle & Thread's new Holiday Hoopla series.

And a couple of the new Mill Hill autumn kits. I can't remember the last time I bought any of these little bead kits, but I couldn't resist these lanterns. So cute!

And I got this teeny notebook. Nothing like new stash to make a girl feel at home.

So! We're here safely, we're adjusting to some challenges, and we're beginning to explore. I am s-l-o-w-l-y getting the house together (and I would like a few words with the clown who designed this house). My sewing room is last on the priority list, but I hope to get to it by the end of the month. Thanks so much for all the kind comments and well wishes and prayers for our move. I do so appreciate it.

We made it!


  1. Well done!You are so far ahead of me, my sewing room is still, quite a mess and we are coming up to twelve months on May 17th, since we moved into this home. I love the blossom tree and the fragrance, sounds like a great bonus. As usual, Tiger Lily looks adorable as usual, love your welcoming flowers and all your lovely purchases. Wish I had a needlework store nearby, however, always a good excuse to travel to find one. All the best as you explore and settle in,Kay.

  2. It was so good to see your post this evening. You have been on my mind a lot lately. What a gorgeous tree you have in your front yard. Miss Tiger Lily looks like she is adjusting; I love both the photos you included in your post. Your purchases look super and I am glad you were able to take a break and venture to your new LNS. Thinking of you!

  3. Nice to see you back, HB. Good to hear Tiger Lily did fine. Love your stash. I really like the Mill Hill lantern series kits. Those flowers are gorgeous, purple and yellow look great together.

  4. Yea :) so very happy to see you posting again!! Beautiful trees, flowers, stash and Tigerlily of course! Hope everything starts to be more smooth for you.

  5. Well done. The good news is that you have an LNS, this is something of my dreams. x

  6. Glad you made it safe.
    Nothing like finding a new LNS! :)
    Hope both of you and Tiger Lily adjust well.
    Take care.

  7. Hi, I have been thinking about you and hoping the move went well. It's great to see Tiger Lily and I am glad she is getting settled and exploring her new space. Take good care.

  8. So nice to see you back and know you've all arrived safely. Sorry to hear it's been so challenging, I hope things will begin to settle down for all of you soon. That tree is gorgeous! I'm glad Tiger Lily is settling in well, I know that's not always easy for an animal to have such a change in their environment. I'm glad you had a chance to visit your new LNS - so fun to check out a new place! Take care.

  9. Nice to hear that you have a LNS! What a front yard tree!

  10. This has been a wonderful year for the flowering trees, so thick with flowers. Glad Tiger lily is adjusting well. I ordered the 4th of July too, can't wait to stitch that beauty! Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  11. Glad to hear that your move went well and you have found a LNS. Tiger Lily looks like she is pretty content. I think your tree might be a flowering cherry. Very pretty.

  12. So nice to hear from you. The move is behind you now,except for the unpacking, so that is cause for celebration. How wonderful that you have an LNS. Nice to see that Tiger Lily is adjusting to her new place.