21 March 2020

Spring is here, and it brought freebies!

Hello, everybody! Here's my finish of the freebie from The Drawn Thread I linked to in my last post. I love it... so bright and cheerful. I stitched mine on 28 ct. mushroom evenweave with Caron Wildflowers in Daffodil, Dark Shadows, Guacamole, Iris, Ivy, and Snow White. Look at these sweet little bees!

Even though spring arrived with snow (and thunderstorms and hail!), I put out my wee birds and bunnies anyway. 

In my last post I promised another freebie for you and you can find it here. It's a lovely spring teacup in a delicate pink, which color the Italian designer describes as "like the life we will have tomorrow." In the midst of her country's unimaginable hardship, she still finds spring beautiful. What can I say?

In my wanderings around the interwebs over the last few days, I've discovered that the freebie from The Drawn Thread I posted is part of a group effort by designers to create "be well and stitch" freebies to encourage stitchers to both stay home and stitch, and also to purchase fabric and threads from their local shops to help them stay afloat during this crisis. I think it's a wonderful, wonderful idea. I have a few to share with you, but since I'm not on Facebook or Instagram, I'm sure I've missed some. 

Summer House Stitche Works

Hands On Design

Notforgotten Farm

Jeannette Douglas

Needlemade Designs

Heartstring Samplery

The Blue Flower

If you have Facebook or Instagram and want to go on your own search, look for #bewellandstitch. If I read correctly, I think shops will soon be getting an info packet on these designs, so keep an eye on your favorite shop!

Well, now. Y'all have oodles of new freebies to work on so that oughta keep everybody in the house and out of trouble for a while.

Take care of yourselves, and Happy Stitching!


  1. Thank you for the links to the freebies, it was something that I was unaware of. Your DrawnThread piece is beautiful, I think I will start with that one soon. x

  2. Your little bee well stitch almost made me wish I was back stitching again:) It's so pretty and it's so good to see people come together in this way.

  3. Thank you for the freebies. I need to stitch one of these soon. I love your Bee Well stitch. I adore your bunnies and chicks. I need to get my Easter decor out soon.

  4. Honeybee, your Be Well stitch is precious from the colors you picked to those little bees. Your satin stitches are so pretty. Thank you for sharing your bird and bunny vignettes. Also, thank you for providing the links to the #bewelland stitch complimentary designs. It is a wonderful effort and gift from these designers (two others -- The Nebby Needle and Heart in Hand) to help local and online shops during this time.

    Hope you, Mr. Wonderful and Tiger Lily are well!

  5. Such a darling finish! I love how all of the designers are putting their charts out into this crazy world... thank goodness we have our stitching these days!

  6. I love your "Be Well" stitch- such lovely cheerful colors! Thanks so much for the links to all these charts, I hadn't seen this. It is such a great gift from all these designers in this difficult time. I hope you and your family are well. Enjoy your spring stitching!

  7. Love your Drawn Thread finish and thanks for sharing the other freebies too.

  8. Your finish is so pretty! And thank you for posting links to the others freebies, I have not figured out how to print them from Instagram. Hope you and yours are well. 😊

  9. What a lovely finish, just look at those cute little bees... And I absolutely love your spring display, with those adorable tiny eggs! Thank you for the links to the freebies :)

  10. Oh I love the way your piece turned out. I saved it for a future stitch hopefully. I have so much screaming to be stitched right now I'm going crazy haha. I started putting away the rest of my winter stuff today. Feels good to have the Spring stuff starting to be displayed. Love your little adorable birds and decorations. Thanks for sharing.