18 March 2020

We Need This Freebie

Y'all, just look at this lovely little freebie from The Drawn Thread. Isn't this the most thoughtful gift to stitchers right now? So, so sweet. Thank you, thank you.

I'm stitching mine with Caron Wildflowers. I love these bold, cheerful colors.

I had another project at the top of my spring stitching list, but this is just too perfect for the moment we're in and I want to stitch it up first. 

If you're joining me in stitching this, stitch fast, because I'll have another freebie for you in a couple of days!

Be good to yourself, and be well.


  1. I saw this one this morning, but wasn't paying attention so thank you for the reminder. It is a really pretty one! Hope you and yours are well!

  2. Such a pretty design! Thanks for the link. Hope you are staying well and enjoying your spring stitching.

  3. Thank you for this, I have just printed it out. It is lovely to have a new pattern for my stash to work through, although this will probably go to the top of the pile. A happy moment in a trying time. x

  4. This is too cute, love the colors.

  5. I"m going to start this one soon, too!

  6. Gorgeous. I've seen several beautiful freebies popping up. Gives us all that extra pieces to stitch.

  7. Such a nice freebie, thank you for sharing! I also enjoyed seeing your beautiful Tiger Lily napping... she really does have a gift for it haha. Stay safe out there!