06 July 2015

In Which I Confess Another Addiction

Have y'all ever done one of these quickpoint pillows? 

That's one I did a couple of years ago. If you haven't ever worked one of these, let me do a commercial for them.

*They're fun. Really fun. For the following reasons:
*They work up quickly.
*No need for perfect lighting to see what you're doing.
*No counting.
*No frustrating knots.
*Easy on the eyes and hands. You're using a giant needle, with yarn, on a big canvas. It's the needlework equivalent of finger painting. And who doesn't need a little more finger painting in their lives?
*MUCH less expensive than needlepoint canvasses. 

These kits are made by several different companies, but the only ones I have experience with are the kits from Vervaco (Belgium). They're very good quality, the designs are gorgeous, and they don't skimp on yarn. Here's the one I'm working on now; an owl for Mr. Wonderful:

And here's my pillow kit hoard. Foxes for me and owls for Mr. Wonderful:

When I finish the pillow I'm working on now and take it off the frame, I'll show you the frame and the tacking tools I use.

Another thing about these kits, for all the reasons I mentioned above, I think they might work well for older stitchers who have vision or hand problems and can no longer see to cross stitch or hold a tiny needle. It's just giant cross stitch with yarn, and as you can see, there are a lot of really beautiful choices. 

If you go searching for these, some retailers call them quickpoint and some call them needlepoint. The retailers I am sure carry them, and that I have done business with, are 123 Stitch, Herrschner's, The Stitchery, and Sew and So in the UK (which calls them chunky cross stitch cushion kits). I believe Sew and So is the only one that carries kits by other manufacturers. I purchased the suede cloth pillow backs from The Stitchery; nice quality and lots of colors.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I love the fox pillow. Can you use a hoop, qsnap for frame of some sort when stitching?

    1. Hi, Lynn! I think the canvas would be too stiff to work well in a hoop or qsnap, although I haven't tried it. I use a wooden frame, which I'll show when I get this one done.

  2. Your fox pillow is incredible. The owl piece for your husband is looking good. Not familiar with these, so off to look.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. I started out doing tapestry kits which I think are similar to these. Both your cushions look great!

  4. Did not find any quickpoint poodle kits. ;) Great work!

    1. Oh, Vickie, if I had found a poodle pillow I would have alerted you *immediately*! :O)

  5. Hi Honeybee! I have lurked long enough and know that it's time to comment! I love your blog....I am always inspired when I come here and feel like I am visiting with a friend. Thanks to you, I recently purchased some fabrics from Fabric Flair....gorgeous! I love your fascination with foxes and share your love of cats. Tiger Lily is a beauty!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments, Holly! And thank you for emerging from the shadows to let me know you're here... you've made my day! :O) I'm so glad you enjoy it here... that's what I hope for everyone who visits!