05 March 2016

Saturday Sampler

More polka dot fabric and more Fabric Flair natural with silver for my fabric hoard. The natural with silver is perfect for a beautifully subtle snowy background, as you can see on my 2015 Christmas ornament

A snowy morning... our last of the winter?

A gorgeous snowy sunset.

A cozy kitty, curled up on clean laundry (this happens if I don't fold it fast enough).

And finally, for all you Plum Street Samplers Sunday Mystery Sampler fans, here's a sneak peek of my interpretation of the eighth day. Yes, I've got my version all charted out and I'm stitching as fast as I can, which as y'all know, is slow. 

I've got my version of the ninth day charted out too, so stay tuned!


  1. Nice sneak peek of Eighth Day, Honeybee! What gorgeous snow pictures! We had a bit, but you definitely got more than a bit. Very nice fabric additions!

  2. Love that fabric, especially the sparkly stuff. What a cozy kitty!

  3. beautiful sparkly fabric, lovely photos

  4. You have had a busy week stitching along with the exhausted Laundry assistant.
    How adorable! I so miss my wee Chloe ever so much.

  5. ooOoo! That fabric is so pretty. That is what is looks like outside our window too. Nothing but white.

  6. Love, love the pictures of Tiger Lily - what a pretty girl! Can I asked where you ordered the polka dot and the Fabric Flair natural/silver fabric from?

    1. Thanks, Mary! The polka dot fabric is 32 ct. Dark Cobblestone with dots by Wichelt. I picked it up at a shop in Virginia. The FF Natural with Silver is from my LNS, but I know 123stitch.com carries it.

    2. Thanks for the information!