07 March 2016

Sunday Mystery Sampler Update: Eighth Day

Here's my version of the Eighth Day of the Plum Street Samplers free Sunday Mystery Sampler. I took some inspiration from the Sixth Day where six eggs represent the six geese and used eight snowflakes to represent the eight milkmaids milking cows on a snowy morning. I used the crown from the First Day and the large snowflake from the Second Day.

My color choices (apart from the border, all threads are Caron Wildflowers):
border: DMC 938
words: Cinnabar
heart: Cinnabar
crown: Spice
snowflakes: Dawn
milkmaid: Storm Clouds
milk pail: Dense Fog
cows: Copper

I'll be working on the Ninth Day over the next several days, so I should have that to show you soon. I also plan to add a few snowflakes to the First Day, because it's the only block that doesn't have any.