09 March 2016

Sunday Mystery Sampler Update: Ninth Day

For this block I was thinking of an evening supper party and that's where the lantern came from. I used nine sprigs of mistletoe to represent the nine ladies, borrowing the garland from the Fourth Day and adding the mistletoe berries. I also used the large snowflake from the Third Day.

My color choices (apart from the border, all threads are Caron Wildflowers):
border: DMC 938
words: Blackwatch
crown: Spice
snowflakes: Dawn
garland: Moss
mistletoe: Snow White
lady: Amethyst
lantern: Dark Shadows
candle: Natural
flame: Spice, Marigold
heart: Cinnabar

I wish I could get a picture of this that I'm happy with. The colors are so vivid and the camera just isn't doing them justice. I'll keep trying!


  1. Ninth Day looks great, Honeybee! I like the addition of the lantern. Well done!

  2. This is really turning out beautifully - you are very talented, that's for sure! Have you tried taking a picture outside? Not in full sun but where there is lots of light.

    1. I haven't taken it outside but I always photograph by a window. I find that when I take stuff outside, the conditions have to be just right or else I have the same problems I have inside: too bright and the colors wash out, too early and the light is too blue, too late and the it's not bright enough. Bright overcast is perfect, but how often do we have that? *sigh* :O)

  3. I love your new designs. Would you be willing to share your charts with your changes?