21 December 2016

More Tea Box Bookmarks

A couple of years ago I posted about an idea I had for making bookmarks out of tea boxes. You can read that post here. These are the first two I made.

I can't believe it's been two years since I've made any, and I always intended to make more because... this is my tea cupboard! Plenty of boxes to work with!

I've finally made some more bookmarks. Big, glittery, ribbony ones like those above, and some smaller, quieter ones.  For the big ones, I use the whole front of the box. For the smaller ones, I use just the top tab. As far as I know, only Twinings has this top tab with the neat shape that just screams, "Bookmark!" (It screams that to me, anyway. Probably doesn't scream that to anyone else. Probably just says, "Box of tea" to normal people.)

I laminate the little ones using these Xyron laminating sheets, which come in different sizes. I don't laminate the big ones because I like to use glitter paper and it would be tough to get a nice look. You could laminate the big ones if you just used the boxes with no backing paper, or if the backing paper was not textured.

Finished product. These bookmarks, both large and small, are super quick and easy to make. They'd be nice little gifts or stocking stuffers or card tuck-ins for your favorite reader or tea nut.

As for the big, splashy ones...

There are tons of colors of glitter paper, with varying sizes of glitter and different textures. My favorite is the super fine grain glitter paper, but it's not as readily available as the others. Doesn't matter. Any of them will give a nice result.

Fox alert! See 'em?

You could cover the backs with pretty scrapbook paper, but I don't bother if I'm just making them for myself. Because both the box paper and the glitter paper are heavy, it helps to weigh them down with something heavy until the glue is dry to prevent curling. Make sure the glue is spread in a thin, even coating to prevent bumps and bubbles. Apart from the time it takes for the glue to dry, these can be made very quickly. I made half a dozen in less than an hour. Great for gifts.


  1. What a nice assortment of new bookmarks you created, Honeybee! Will have to look for the glitter paper the next time I get to Michaels or other craft store.

  2. I just love this idea and loved it when I saw it the first time here. I see the boxes of Traditional Medicinal teas in your cupboard...aren't they the ones with the interesting messages on the tea tags, you know, the little paper thing that hangs out of the cup? I am thinking you could incorporate those little tags on to the bookmarks, maybe put them at the ends of the ribbon?

    1. That is a great idea! I checked a tea bag (it said, "Pause," which is always good advice!) because I don't think I had even noticed that!

  3. I just found your blog thru a link on "Blacksheep's Bit of the Web" and am absolutely LOVING it! I'm a true coloristic personality, so when I saw all the colors and combinations of colors, I was in heaven. Thank you so much for sharing everything....beautiful eye candy for all of us.

    I was really interested in where you find the "glitter paper"? It would make an amazing backing to some of Brook's Books charts and I HAVE TO have some....hoping you can give some pointers to where you find it.

    So appreciated!