17 December 2016

Saturday Sampler: Icy Edition

It has been too long since we had a Saturday Sampler! This morning we woke up to ice...

But it was cozy as ever inside...

I even have a couple of new friends to watch over my stitching. Look who showed up yesterday! This is a gift from fellow stitcher Janet in Iowa. Isn't he adorable? He is sooo soft. I named him Henry. Thank you, Janet!

And this is Harald the Viking. He's a chart magnet and he is too much, y'all. He's from Nordic Needle. I knew my collection of stitchy tools was missing something, and it turned out to be a Viking, of course. 

And here are bands 7 and 8 of the Never Ending Sampler.
Band 7/Juniper: Copper, Moss, Mill Hill beads #2070
Band 8/Snow: Arctic Frost, Mill Hill beads #479

Finally, flowers from Mr. Wonderful to mark 16 years today.

Happy Stitching, everyone! Stay cozy!


  1. Happy Anniversary wishes to you and Mr. Wonderful! What a gorgeous bouquet of red and white carnations! Your bands 7 and 8 are gorgeous. Very nice goodies, Henry looks very huggable. I hope you don't have to go out in the icy conditions. We had ice overnight, but you definitely got more than me. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm.

    1. Thank you, Robin! We're staying in today. Too nasty out.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Staying in and stitching sounds good to me! Keep warm.

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    And what pretty flowers for Winter.
    The Band Sampler is turning out so pretty.
    Henry is so cute, he looks all squishy. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Such lovely flowers! The Band Sampler is gorgeous! Have you seen the latest Just Cross Stitch? Go get it!! Just saying. ;)

  5. We have the "icy edition" here in Kentucky today! Love your pictures. They speak volumes. :D -Cathryn

  6. These pictures look great but it certainly isn't great to walk or drive outside when everything is covered with ice.
    Your Never Ending band sampler is just gorgeous. It must be a fun stitch.
    What a lovely header you have - I love pictures with lots of DMCs.