31 December 2016

Saturday Sampler: New Year's Eve Edition

The mailman brought some lovely goodies this week! Fox stash from Robin in Virginia! Gorgeous cards, and a beautiful scissor fob/needle minder set... thank you, Robin!

And a stunning New Year card from my cousin in Texas, showing Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden.

I did some work organizing my Wildflowers collection. Since I use this thread as a substitute for other types of threads, I don't pay any attention to color names or numbers; I just choose colors I like, so I grouped them by color family. When I need a green, I can just pull my green bundle (on the green ring!) and choose what I want. (The dowel is just to make them easier to photograph. I store them in a box.) I found the colored book rings on Amazon.

We had our first snow on Friday! This will never not be exciting! 

Tiger Lily got a cozy new bed, so she's ready for winter.

Mixing up a quick batch of cookies for New Year munching.

Thanks for visiting my blog this year. I wish all of you a happy, healthy new year with oodles and oodles of finishes!



  1. Robin is as generous as they come. Looks like she knows you very well!

    Is snow exciting to you because you did not grow up seeing it? It's still exciting to me and I did grow up with it. Just curious.

    Happy New Year to Honeybee, Mr. Wonderful and Tiger Lily!

    1. I'm a military brat, so even though we're from Texas, we weren't stationed there until near the end of my dad's career. So I had snow when I was little. I just think the first snowflakes of the season, even if they're just flurries, are always magical. It makes me feel 5 years old... and who doesn't love that?! :O)

  2. Love the card from your cousin! Happy to send you the fox goodies; I just couldn't resist. What kind of cookies are you making? Tiger Lily looks very cozy. We had a snow event here as well, but if you blinked you missed it. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

    1. Those are my mom's No-Bake Cookies. I grew up on them. I seldom make them--all grown up and trying to behave and stuff--but every once in a while I just NEED them. :O)

  3. Best wishes in the new year and have fun in the snow.

  4. Cute gifts.
    Those threads are beautiful.
    Tiger Lily looks content all snuggled in her new bed. :)
    Wishing you a Happy New Year.