20 June 2017

I'm back! With finishes!

I'm back! Thank you for all the inquiries as to my whereabouts and welfare! It's nice to be missed! Things went a bit sideways around here a couple of weeks ago, and my unsupervised stitching marathon week didn't go as hoped or planned, but I'm getting back on track. If you've emailed me and haven't had a reply, I am working through my emails and will get to you soon. 

I do have a couple of Texas basket finishes to show! This one is Bluebonnet Blooms by Redbird Designs on mystery linen. This design is still in print, as far as I know. I stitched the stem in the medium green (instead of brown) and brightened up the red a bit.

And this is the Alamo, from The 12 Days of a Texas Christmas by Redbird Designs, also still in print, as far as I know. I made a couple of slight alterations. The design calls for Weeks Terra Cotta, but my skein was a vivid orange, so I substituted GAST Woodrose for a more faded look. The fabric is "Muffin" but that's all I know about it. It's from a big box of stash my dad scored at the flea market and my mom gave to me. (Yay, dad!)

I also left off the evergreen Christmas-y bit in the top right corner, and the word "Texas" running along the bottom.

For more info about Redbird Designs, click on the Redbird Designs Catalog label in the right sidebar.


  1. I love where you are in your Texas basket. I have Bluebonnet Blooms and will take your advice on the greens. I don't care for brown in that area either.

    I really, really like the Alamo and will have to get that one. I really like your color change too.

    Great Dad finding a box of cross stitch fabric at a flea market. Way to go Dad!!!

    We are having a great give away right now. Drop by if you get the chance. Glad all is well now. RJ @ stitching friends forever

  2. What a super find on your Dad's part at the flea market! Both your finishes are super, Honeybee. I look forward to seeing them in finished form. Sorry that things went sideways, but very happy to hear you are okay.

  3. I want to see what else was in that box of stash your Dad bought! Love the bluebonnet stitch, someday I'll get to see the Texas bluebonnets but for now a cross stitch would work. Nice stitching and color changes. Glad to hear your ok...

  4. It looks like your dad did a great job with those "finds". Both of your projects are beautiful! --Andrea

  5. Great finishes for your basket!

  6. Thanks Dad for your great find. Love your stitching. I have stitched both and enjoyed them.

  7. Oh these look fantastic! I am very impressed with your Dad!

  8. Your finished piece is so pretty. I look forward to seeing more of the Alamo. Looks like your dad made a good find there.