22 August 2017

I got a new teapot!

Always cause for celebration: a new teapot! We stopped by our favorite local potters' shop on Saturday and I got this little beauty. For more on our pottery obsession, see this post.

I also recently got a new tea wallet. I love these things, and never travel without one. I purchased this one from this shop.

I got this one at an area garden show a couple of years ago. See the little Chow? So cute.

We also took in an art show on Saturday, and I got this beautiful fox print by a local artist. I think she captured such a sweet expression. Her Etsy shop is here (lots of lovely birds).

Haven't had much time for stitching since I finished my last project, but I am getting supplies together for my fall stitching. This luscious silk thread is Autumn Bouquet. Isn't it gorgeous?

I can't believe summer is all but over. I'm spending these last few days of August doing a bit of reorganizing in my sewing room. Mr. Wonderful bought me a new craft table (it's actually supposed to be a dining table, but I'm repurposing it) so I needed to do some shuffling in there. I want it all just so, because I've got a busy fall ahead and I need room to work: finishing, framing, Christmas Open House project, and who knows what else. There's just something about the approach of fall that makes me want to be busy. Probably that "squirrel brain" I've mentioned before...


  1. Your new teapot is lovely. I am intrigued by your tea wallet and I love your fox picture. Thank you for providing the links. Just don't forget where you hide all your stuff!

  2. Cute teapot!
    The Fox print is awesome.
    The thread is beautiful too.
    Have fun re-organizing.

  3. Love it all... especially your artist's eye for picking them out. :D Cathryn

  4. *GASP* That teapot is GORGEOUS! What an awesome buy.

  5. I love the floral tea wallet. I end up just sticking the teabags in my to -go mini bag ( the one that holds extra needles, pins, scissors etc)as well as the stitching bags, my purse and who knows where else. That was fine when Lipton covered their bags but not now. So now the specialty ones (Twinnings) go with me. When we travel I do a Twinnings box but with mixed flavors in the suitcase. Congrats on the teapot. Always so much fun to get a teapot.


  6. Beautiful teapot, interesting coloring. I love pottery too (no surprise, I'm sure) but I equally love bone china and sadly, the two don't really jive. The floss is beautiful. The more I visit here, the more obvious your tastes in color are becoming!

  7. Your new teapot is lovely, I never even heard of little tea bag holders but what a great idea! Beautiful fox painting. Mary@stitchingfriendsforever