14 May 2018

Chickens, Mo' Pottery, and a WIP Update

Another spring Saturday, another day of wandering the countryside looking at (and sometimes buying) stuff. Have I ever mentioned my life goal of someday owning a few chickens? Well, now I have. I want some chickens. We were plundering another pottery studio on Saturday, and the potter had the prettiest (?) chickens I've ever seen. Even Mr. Wonderful was charmed.

I mean, look at this gal:

And of course, the pottery hoard continues to grow (unlike my cabinet space).

I love this squatty little pitcher. I have a thing for pitchers. Never use them. Just love them. I think I'll start putting flowers in them and get rid of most of my glass vases. (See how cleverly I just came up with a "reason" to buy more pottery pitchers?)

Last year one of our favorite local potters was experimenting with teapots, and I got this little beauty. Saturday we discovered he'd made a few teacups. Had to have one.

I've been working away on Beasts and Birds. Here's a sneak peek at a few of the critters.

I'll post a complete list of all my color choices when I post the finish.


  1. My maternal grandfather kept chickens and my mum used to tell me about them. I've just bought a jug for putting flowers in - I have a few crystal vases and my taste seems to have changed to ceramic. I bought a Wemyss pottery vase - it's called a Beadle jug and has dragonflies on it - the name appealed to me as much as the jug did!! I think perhaps they have more character than the clear glass.

  2. ok, am I the only one, who thinks someone called fox wanting chickens is a bit, well, strange? :o} Had chickens when I was younger, they are fun, like the crowing and the clucking of them. Soothing. Some of them have really big personalities. Like we had two roosters, the really big one was a coward and the little bitty one was the tough guy. Love your pottery. Can't wait to see more of the Beasts and Birds

  3. It sounds like you had a most enjoyable weekend amongst the chickens, pottery and stitching. I thrilled to see your start and progress on the Beasts and Birds Sampler. I really like the pitcher you picked up and love the idea of using them for flowers. Enjoy your week!

  4. Hi, HB!

    Glad you are back blogging! You were missed, here and at 123!

    I love the pottery purchases!


  5. Beautiful Chickens, and gorgeous pottery!
    Nice progress on Beasts, can't wait to see more.

  6. Love the pottery! The teal teacup has especially caught my eye.

  7. I'm catching up on your posts. Still love visiting here ... still feels like a cozy visit with a friend.

    Beautiful pottery! I'm all about the dishes, so I love it. Here are a few suggestions, which will help you to feel justified in buying more pottery pitchers. Every room in the home needs a pitcher full of freshly-sharpened pencils. Scissors, colored pencils, highlighters, markers, etc. - a pitcher is the perfect place for these things, instead of an ugly plastic box which hides them. You can use them in the bathroom, for brushes and combs. If the pitcher is big enough, you can use one in the kitchen to hold larger utensils. So go buy more! :)