12 July 2018

Emotional Support Glasses

Sometimes, I make strange things. (Example: this guy

We have a dear friend who has been stricken with shingles (ugh!) and I've been putting together a little care package for her. I made her these... which I'm calling Emotional Support Glasses. Purpose: so you can remain fabulous even when you don't feel fabulous. Because really, is there anything more chic than wearing sunglasses when you're feeling unwell? 

They are super sparkly in person. Not all of the embellishments were sparkly, so I dipped into my collection of glitter glues and remedied that. (Yes, that's a llama.)

Random taco. (Random Taco would be a good band name.) I didn't have a theme for this pair (other than awesome!), but there is such a wide variety of these buttons available you could make Emotional Support Glasses to suit anyone for any occasion. 

I've decided I definitely need a pair or two of these for my own emotional well-being. If you need some too (and you do), they're really easy to make.

*pair of sunglasses from the dollar store (plastic frames, the wider the better)
*buttons or flat backs (shank remover, if you're using buttons)
*hot glue
*extra glitter, glitter glue, etc.

* I was careful to position the embellishments around the lenses so that they wouldn't obstruct vision. I wanted them to be fun to wear, not annoying. Also, pay special attention to the placement of embellishments on the bridge of the nose, where the frames rest on the ears, and where the frames possibly touch the cheekbones. You don't want embellishments poking the wearer. Try them on as you're making them to make sure.

*Some of these embellishments are from my stash, some from Hobby Lobby, but these little button packs are in every craft store. If you don't have a source near you, this is my favorite online source. Large selection and very good service. You'll be able to find buttons for any theme you can think of. 

*Go nuts. The whole point of Emotional Support Glasses is to, well, provide emotional support. They should make you smile, laugh, admire yourself in the mirror (even if you feel ratty). They should be nutty, over-the-top, and sparkly. And you can wear them even if you feel just fine.

I have been wearing these around the house (testing them!) and I am too fabulous for words. I have to give this pair away, but next time I'm out, I'm headed straight back to the dollar store for a few more pair. 

Go. Be fabulous. 


  1. Oh Honeybee, what a thoughtful friend you are! I love your sparkly emotional support shades and I bet they help take her mind off the shingles.

  2. I howled when I saw the fox wearing the glasses. Too special. We all need emotional support glasses every now and then.

    Sandra in Texas

  3. 😂Absolutely perfect for your friend. What a great friend you are!

  4. Shingles is such a painful disease! I'm sure your friend will start to feel better as soon as she tries on your fabulous glasses :)

  5. These glasses are really special and I know it will make your friend feel better. I think it made all of us feel better just looking at them on the lovely fox. RJ

  6. Well who wouldn’t smile widest at first glance.....these ARE fabulous!!! Sparkly, fun, joy-inducing.
    You are so thoughtful. And clever.
    Love ‘em!!!


  7. These are super cute Honeybee!! I have a "diva" nephew (7) who would love these. Might have to make him a pair. -Loriinmo (123)

  8. Now you tell me....Grandchildren visiting two weeks ago and this would have
    been a great craft project for us...Love you for sharing this idea and will "kit" it up now for whenever a "support" occasion calls for it. They
    look so foxy ….